Натали Коваль избрана президентом Киевского клуба львов

Kyiv Lions Club (KLC) is a very influential charity in Kyiv with a huge impact all over Ukraine.

It belongs to Lions Clubs International, the biggest charity organization in the world, with 1,35 millions people in 44 000 clubs in 179 countries.

KLC, founded by expats in 2004 and run majorly by foreigners doing business in Ukraine, trusted Natalia Koval to held the organization and energize the club in a Ukrainian way.

Currently, the main focus of KLC is directed towards attracting influential companies to participating in charity projects. More and more big corporate organizations refer to Kyiv Lions Club with proposals concerning corporate social responsibility programs. For example, together with Winner Group, KLC recently bought 3 specialised incubators for Lviv Birth Center. Winner Group became a sponsor of KLC and also devoted funds for administration costs of the club.

The presidency is a huge responsibility. Finding new sponsors for the project, involving people into giving not only their money, but also their time, knowledge, and ideas into making life in Ukraine better. As the KLC president, Natalia Koval is open to your ideas. If you want to contribute in a way that the donations help as many people as possible, if you want your resources spent in the most effective and transparent way, Natali and Kyiv Lions Club is happy to talk to you.

Создание Украинского Альянса Сватов